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WFO Marine Litter Issues Overview keeps you updated as the European Commission invests €7.5 million in projects for Blue Growth, on new guidelines for reducing fishing gear at sea, the hot topic of biodegradable plastic in Australia, a new bacteria that can degrade plastic bottles & more!

WFO tracks the latest news and developments on marine litter to bring you its new monthly Marine Litter Issues Overview. Working on the issue? Send us your story to be in next month’s overview!

This month, WFO presents the second edition of its new marine litter issues overview, tracking the latest news and developments pertaining to the issue. We’d be delighted to receive your feedback as well as any input for next month’s issue!

"The overarching vision of the New Plastics Economy is that plastics never become waste; rather, they re-enter the economy as valuable technical or biological nutrients."

Ocean Conservancy answers the following questions in their report:

1. What are the origins of ocean plastic debris, and how does it leak into the ocean?
2. Are there significant differences across regions that require different types of solutions?
3. What leakage-reduction solutions are available, and what are the relative
economics and benefits of each?
4. What can be done to trigger the implementation of leakage-reduction measures
in the short, medium, and long term?
5. What are the cornerstones of a concerted program for global action to address
this issue?