WFO has recently partnered with Nicole Intemann, teacher and author of the children’s book Plastian the Little Fish with the goal to raise awareness on the issue of marine litter and educate children aged five to ten of the problem and its solutions.


Waste Free Oceans Foundation

Waste Free Oceans (WFO) is a ground breaking public-private Foundation aimed at mobilizing and uniting the fisheries sector, public authorities and the international plastics industry in combating the growing issue of floating litter on the coastlines, at the rivers and in the seas. Various projects were launched during 2011 with participation and full support of EU Commissioner Mrs. Maria Damanaki (Maritime Affairs & Fisheries) and MEP Mrs. Anna Rosbach. Today, we are proud to have MEP Mr. Alain Cadec, Chairman of the European Parliament’s Committee on Fisheries, as Champion of the foundation.



What started as a pilot project in Europe to encourage fishermen and the plastics industry to work together on marine litter has now resulted in worldwide actions and the joining of forces in cleanup operations on marine litter. WFO’s aim is to raise awareness on the issue of marine litter, to work on educational campaigns and to continue WFO’s pan-European and international projects of reducing and reusing the plastics waste from our oceans and seas – closing the loops for a sustainable future.


MEP Alain Cadec, Chairman of the European Parliament’s Committee on Fisheries, Champion of the WFO Foundation since November 2014:


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Latest news

"The overarching vision of the New Plastics Economy is that plastics never become waste; rather, they re-enter the economy as valuable technical or biological nutrients."

Ocean Conservancy answers the following questions in their report:

1. What are the origins of ocean plastic debris, and how does it leak into the ocean?
2. Are there significant differences across regions that require different types of solutions?
3. What leakage-reduction solutions are available, and what are the relative
economics and benefits of each?
4. What can be done to trigger the implementation of leakage-reduction measures
in the short, medium, and long term?
5. What are the cornerstones of a concerted program for global action to address
this issue?

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